Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Blog: A Selfish Endeavor

So the goal was to write a mini essay once or twice a week for this blog—but I definitely didn't write one this last week. It's tempting to make up excuses—like how silly it would be for me to coop myself up writing when I've got Jerusalem right outside my apartment window. However, I can't say that every time I should have been writing I was out in the city exploring.

More often than not when I don't write it's because I can't see any particular reason to write. I'll be honest here—my motives for creating and updating a blog are purely selfish. I wanted to write this semester because I know I learn new things when I try to piece together the various things I'm reading or thinking about, listening to, and living from day to day—if I try my best to piece them together into something polished enough for others to read, I will surprise myself by writing things I didn't know when I began.

I really want to learn those new things, and if I don't write, I know that many lessons pass me by. So, yes, this blog is selfish. And if I set out to write a post already knowing exactly where it's going to end up—well, then it's of no use to me. If I'm not going to be surprised by it at some point, I don't much care to write it.

Now, there is a part of me that hopes (and believes) that those pieces which do surprise me, do inspire and teach me will be also be more likely to surprise and inspire and teach those of you who read them. I do hope and pray that something I write will be beneficial, will be a blessing, to someone—maybe even to you.

Of course, it's unfair of me to say that I didn't write this week because there was nothing worth writing about, nothing that would have challenged and taught me. That's blatantly false. If I'm not excited about what I'm writing, I'm the only one to blame. I've got to ask better questions, to find better purposes—and then the motivation will come.

Tomorrow I leave for Jordan for four days, and I plan to approach my travels differently than I have up until now. I don't yet know how it will be. But when I step foot on the east side of the Jordan River, I will do so with questions in mind, things that I want to know—and when I return, I'll do my best to make something worth reading out of what I find. Then we'll see where we end up together.

All this philosophizing aside, I'll be visiting Petra—the place I've recognized for as long as I've watched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, which is a long time. So certainly there will be something I'd like to write about when I return.

So—until next time, I am

Respectfully yours,

Brennan Jernigan

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